I am using Red Hat 7.1 and I want to change the comman "latex" to "platex" by using button Tex File on the taskbar. Will somebody please tell me something?


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I understand your request.

but, I need more info.

1) what kind of emacs do you use? ( gnu emacs or xemacs and its version)
2) what kind of emacs lisp package do you use? (auctex? or another tex support emacs lisp program?)

provably your ~/.emacs file helps me.

basically , to change compile command is 2 way.
1) edit your emacs lisp program and compile it.
2) set some variable in your .emacs file to overwrite system default setting.

I do not use tex family program ,recently. but , I use to do editing and comiling tex file on emacs with auctex package (emacs-lisp program).

it is easy to manupilate tex files (not only japanese but alse english tex files).

I recommend to use japanese version auctex package. :-)
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Thank you again. I gonna do as you told me. Perhaps I can bother you again if I still fail (-_-)

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I need more information. (not only me, provably :-)

1) What kind of desktop do you use? (Gnome,KDE etc)
2) Do you install platex package already?
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I am using Gnome and i can use "platex" to creat Dvi Files by typing it in Kterm. I want it to be more easier by just click on button "Tex File" (on the teskbar of Emacs Win). Latex that i am using, when i click on "Tex File", the Dvi creater "latex" will be used. I just want to change it into "platex". Would you please tell me something? Thanks a lots for your kindness!

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