I think,female want to young and beauty for a long time.
I am girl,17 years old.my height is 175cm,weight is about 60kg.
I want to do it.Someday,we will be grow older....
I think female are afraid that grow older.
So,they do it. But this is my opinion.Just I thought it.

Do you understand? My English is little bit strange.Sorry.


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I did not find that you wanted to say. Isn't it better to reask a

question in Japanese? The way of it can obtain more replies.
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How do you do ;-)

I am a male. They are 24 years old. I also did the diet before.

There was a desire to as often as possible see from other people. 30kg of my weights decreased in one year. Much self stuck by having succeeded in the diet. However, it is necessary to perform the suitable diet also for what. I think that female it will be excessive only in about a few.

Both a male and a woman ask for youth and beauty. A woman is more delicate than a male. The body is prized if you please and please let a diet successful.lovely!
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Do you ask the purpose of a diet? Or do you ask a question about the contents of a diet? I do not have the command of English which reads it.


If you are asking a question about the purpose of a diet, I will want to answer as follows. The purpose of my diet is for becoming beautiful or health. It is doing its best also for my boyfriend(^_^). When I grow old in the future, I think that he naturally wants to be more beautifully than a surrounding woman.

If you are asking a question about the contents of a diet, I will recommend you to exercise. I heard that aerobics is the most effective for a diet.

Since English is not fluent, it is anxious about me in whether what to tell to you was transmitted. Unreasonableness is a prohibited thing at a diet. Do your best!
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