英会話教室(primary class)で、模擬discussionがあるのです。
phlosophical opinion などおきかせ願えたら嬉しくおもいます。


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In the case of about what you told, LOVE shows one aspect as patriotism. Patriotism is based on nationalism. it's natural that most of people have nationalism. Because nationalism is also based on LOVE. To put it in an extreme way, LOVE causes WAR. It's dilemma. So I'm confused about LOVE too. But I take LOVE on trust. I believe possibility of LOVE.

Have you seen the movie called “Pay it forwerd”?
This movie makes us to think about LOVE.
You really should see “Pay it forwerd”.
If you see it you'll find something of LOVE.

I wish you would be a good English speaker.
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Thank you very much for everything.
Not only English but I studied a lot of things.
I'm going to prepare for trial discussion your opinion
to reference. (文章として意味をなさないですか・?)
Thank you

お礼日時:2001/02/05 19:54

Reading your apology my upseted feelings became little calm.

I suggest you to use your own English for the trial discussion.
I'll forgive you if you'll describe about LOVE using“YOUR OWN ENGLISH”in“HOSOKU”.
You don't have to use difficult words, tell me about LOVE as your own opinion in easy English.

Good luck !


Thank you very much for your broad minded.
When I read your mail,I felt "Love". Love came suddenly.
I wander "love"is Bluebird ? We are チルチル、ミチル ?
I supouse there are many Love everywhere.
But we can't cacth it.We can't to make sure whether
it's Love or not.Our eyes cloud with dust,caluclate,
or timid ?? I wish to rise in my hart an affection.
Please excuse my bad English and full of mistakes.
Thank you

補足日時:2001/02/03 13:05
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My head gets confused more and more.
Iwas misunderstanding about love.Love is equal strong attachment..?
I think all love lead to narcissism . Narcissism is not bad.
They love themselves and they treasure themselves.In that case
war can't break out.War does not stop because thereis no love,I thought.But it is opposit.War always occur for "Love"...?

お礼日時:2001/02/04 10:21

Self-righteous love is also based on sexual desire.

But it can't make you happy. It makes someone to say “Rather you than me”.And what it even worse is that it brings you misfortunes.
Adolf Hitler loved his country, but he hadn't brung good fortune not only to his country but also to the world. He had a self-righteous love.

Self-sacrificing love isn't based on sexual desire.
They say “Self-sacrificing love is wonderful”. I think so. There is some truth in what they say.(for ex. Nightingale or Mother Teresa)
But it tends to be “Self-satisfied love”or “Self-deceptive love”.

Self-centered love is similar to narcissism.
A man who has self-centered love loves himself and want to make someone loves him. He'll probably become a stalker.

Motherly love is a typical instinct of humankind.
It's not too much to say “Motherly love”is the root of real LOVE.

What is real LOVE ?
I don't know. I've never found it.

That's all.


Whew ! It's hard for me to describe to you what LOVE is.

Are you satisfied ?
How do you think about LOVE ?
Would you tell me about it in “HOSOKU” ?



補足日時:2001/02/02 20:31
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“Love has three faces.

First, love is based on sexual desire.
Second, love is based on materialistic desire.
Third, love is based on philanthropy.

In the first case, why dose a man loves a woman, or why dose a woman loves a man ?
Because humankind has the instinct of sexal desire.
Why dose humankind have it ?
Because of making descendants and continuing to exist on this planet.

In the second case, why do you love TVs, cars, clothes, CDs, cellphones, pets and any other products or materials ?
Because of a necessity of these products or materials in this civilized society and a strong wish to have something.
Why is that ?
Because you are satisfied if you have them.
A satisfaction is also a kind of the instinct of humankind.

In the third case, if you see a man who is in troble, you may help him.
Why do you help him ?
Because of a necessity of helping each other.
Why is that ?
Because you can't live in this society without someone's help. You can't live alone.
Humankind is the social animal.
Philanthropy is also a kind of the instinct of humankind.

In conclusion, LOVE belongs to the instinct of humankind.

That's all.”

This is my opinion about “LOVE”.
If you find some mistakes in my statement, please proofread this and forgive me.
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What a philanthropy person you are!
materialistic desire も Love とは思いませんでした。

お礼日時:2001/02/02 08:58