Graph the equation.
1) 9(X-1)2+16(y+1)2=144 →2はexponent(superscript)

Find the center, foci, and vertices of the ellipse
2) 9X2+y2-162X+720=0 →9x,yに付く2はexponent(superscript)

Graph the hyperbola. Draw asymptotes in as dashed lines.
3) y2+X2 =1 →y2と4の間、X2と36の間にfraction入ります
4 36    yとxにかかる2はexponent

Solve the system of equation using Cramer's Rule if it is applicable. If Cramer's Rule is not applicable, say so.
4) 4x + 2y=8/5  → 2つの式は{ で結ばれています

The sequence is defined refined recursively. Write the first four terms.
5)a1=1; an=an-1 →an-1 と n+1 の間にfraction入ります

Find the sum of the sequence.
6) 20

The given pattern continues. Write down the nth term of the sequence {an} suggested by the pattern.
7) 4, 10, 16, 22, 28

Solve for x
8) x 1 3
1 x -4 =5x →3つを結ぶ縦の線省略
0 1 3

Solve the system of equations using matrices (row operations). If the system has no solution, say that it is inconsistent.
9) -5x -y -5z=-52    →3つの式は{ で結ばれてます
7x - 8z=10
6y + z= 16

10) Setup and solve the matrix for the following problem.
Ron attends a cocktail party(with his graphing calculator in his pocket). He wants to limit his food intake to 127g protein, 110g fat, and 147g carbohydrate. According to the health conscious hostess, the marinated mushroom cap have 3g protein, 5g fat, and 9g carbohydrate; the spicy meatballs have 14g protein, 7g fat, and 15g carbohydrate; and the deviled eggs have 13g protein, 15g fat, and 6g carbohydate. How many of each snack can he eat to obtain his goal?

Compute the product
11) 0 -3 1   1 2
5 -1 0 0 1 →全体を結ぶ [ ]省略
          1 -1
   全体を結ぶ [ ]省略

The matrix is nonsingular. Find the inverse of the matrix. Be sure to check your answer.
12) 2 -1 0
-1 1 -2 →全体を結ぶ [ ]省略
1 0 -1



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