We are not in the sea. But the sea is in us.
All living things share the same essential elements. NuKenKou contains the essential elements found in human beings,animals,simple and complex plnt life and in the sea. These are the indentical elements that provide unequaled nutritional value in all living organisms. Naturally occurring essential elements are responsible for the worlds ecology, the immediate environment and consequently, our personal fitness. What is NuKenKou? NuKenKou is a scientifically formulated skin rejuvenater that contains all the essential elements found in pure virgin natural sea water. But without chloride, sulfate,phosphate,sodium,ammonia and other heavy metals. No sugar, stimulants or articial chemicals are added. NuKenKou is a unique formulation made entirely from naturally occurring elements that have been purified via high technology. NuKenKou is a well researched, time tested and proven skin conditioner and multipurpose health serum. How can NuKenKou help me? NuKnKou is a simple, hassle-free solutiok that can have great benefits when used in a variety of ways. NuKenKou drink can replenish precious and essential trace minerals lost through daily stress and/or not available in modern processed foods. NuKenKou can assisp in adjusting or regulating and maintaining the proper pH for a healthy body. Maintaining the average healthy pH of 7.35 for the human body is the key to preventing disease. Low pH can be associated with a lack of energy,inability to think&work,and weakness in the body's natural immune system. This can result in many ailments and diseases, including cancer.NuKenKou, the Ionized spry. NuKenKou in diluted fora(ionized spray)replaces the use of moisturizers,and day&night skin creams. Simply spray NuKenKou on clean skin. Wait 30 secomds before gently rubbing the solution into your face with your fingers. Greater visible results are achieved when targeting problem areas,such as darkned skin spots,and fine lines under&around the eyes. NuKenKou can also be used as a remedy for treating a variety of other non-life threatening skin conditions,including mild sunburns and rashes. NuKenKou in the balanced ionizdd stable mist form is an excellent moisturizer and fantastic skin conditioner. This serum works to encourage the skin's pores to open naturally. This allows for the proper rejuvenation of skin cells. An added benefit of NuKenKou is its ability to function as fast acting exfoliant. NuKenKou spray can be used 2~3times or more per day. First thing each morning,wash and dry your skin. Generousy spray NuKenKou on all areas of concern. Gently rub or massage into the skin. In the aftenoon,spray NuKenKou onto any areas of concen. Make sure skin clean before applying. Before bed time,wash and dry the skin. Generously spray NuKenKou onto all skin areas of concen. Gently massage into skin. Allow the solution to stay on your skin overnight. See visible results in one week or less. See additional results within one month. Benefits continue in two months or more. NuKenKou can eliminate the need for painful injections,various medical procedures,costly skin creams,lotions and different ongoing cosmetic regimens. NuKenKou can be easily uses by anyone to improve their skin and overall health. The rate of improvement depends on the individual's initial health and skin condition. NuKenKou spray is available in 1ounce/30mL,which lasts about one month of normal use and 2onuce/60mL,which lasts aboup two months of normal use. NuKenKou concetrate,the health drink. 10drops of NuKenKou concentrate can be mixed with 240mL/8ounces of plain water(not tea,juice drinks or alcohol) and used as a general health drink ones each day. This can help the body's natural immune system safe guard against sickness. For sufferers of health ailments,use NuKenKou concentrate at the rate of 3times per day. NuKenKou concentrate is available in 1ounce/30mL size which lasts about one month of normal use. 後入力出来ない分は画像添付しました。よろしくお願いします。



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通常翻訳家に頼むところを無料でしてもらおうというのでしたら、せめてご事情を説明するぐらいはしてほしいですね。 ちなみにコピーして貼り付けてあるものだけでも2000文字近くあるので、一文字10円の翻訳家に頼めば、2万円します。もう少し安いところもありますけど。平均の安めなところで5円なので、1万円といったところでしょうか。そもそも、訳す作業を別にして、その訳文をここにタイプするだけでも相当な量で時間がかかるところを、あまりにあっさりしたお願いの仕方で誰かが好意でしてくれると期待するのは、かなりのラッキーさをあてにしているように思われます。
これだけ。全文なんてしていたら、商売あがったりです 笑



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