An academie panel studying the pros and cons of surrogate births concluded that such births should basically be banned by law. As reasons for the conclusion, the panel cited the mental and physical burdens that would be borne by the women who serve as surrogate mothers and the psychological implications for the children born.
The draft report also calls for maintaining the conventional rule of regarding the woman who gave birth as the mother of the newborn, even if the baby was born by host surrogacy in violation of the envisaged law. The child's right to get support will be protected by adoption to the pair who initiated the surrogate birth, the draft said.
Although the Japan Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology prohibits its members from assisting in surrogate births, there is no legal ban on the practice. A maternity doctor in Nagano Prefecture who has defied the Society's ban since 2001 has helped several couples have children through surrogate mothers.
A surrogate mother last month gave birth to a child using eggs removed from her daughter, marking the fourth such case in Japan. In an interview with The Yomiuri Shimbun, the daughter said, "I'm happy to be a mother and hold the baby that I thought I could never have.
Also present at the interview were the woman's husband and her mother. The couple, both in their late 20s, live in western Japan. The woman was born without a womb. One of the woman's eggs was fertilized with her husband's sperm and planted in her mother's womb. The surrogate mother, who is in her late 50s, gave birth by cesarean section after a 36-week pregnancy. It was the eighth surrogate birth in Japan and the fourth in which the mother of a childless woman has served as a surrogate mother.
ーHow does it feel to hold your son in your arms? Genetic mother: I learned that I didn't have a womb when I was a high school student. Since then, I never thought I'd be able to hold my own baby in my arms, and when he was born, I couldn't believe it.
ーWhy did you offer to be the surrogate mother? Surrogate mother I always wished she could know the joy of having a baby, so 20 when I learned of this method, I decided to become a surrogate mother.
ーBut having a baby at a later age is said to be risky. Husband: I was worried about her [his mother-in-law], and unsure whether to accept the offer. But she was really determined.
ーThe Science of Japan panel has complied a draft report suggesting a ban 2 on surrogacy. Genetic mother: There are a lot of women who suffer from the same problem as me as well as those who have had their wombs surgically removed. It's not right to put obstacles in the way of their happiness.


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