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(1) [①This] is little doubt that [②working] with someone [③of] great ability is more than [④satisfying].

(2) [①Most] obstinate and [②determined], he [③would] not admit [④to have made] mistakes.

(3) She thought that the time [①has] come [②to] produce new [③evidence] [④supporting] his claim.

(4) [①Not until] much later [②did] she learn [③whom] her [④real] father was.

(5) [①Just because] a bird does not breed one year, it does not [②follow] that it will fail [③on] [④the next].

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1 ① It

2 ④ having made
3 ① had
4 ③ who 主格補語なので。
It's me. 的に目的格でもいのですが、これは口語的表現から始まっているので、
文語的な whom では合わないかな。
5 ③ to 代不定詞
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1 は確かに There is が普通です。

ジーニアスには It is no doubt that ... は非標準となっています。
It is no wonder that ... と混同した間違いでしょう、
it is は。
no wonder の場合、it が形式主語で that 節が真主語。

doubt の場合は、that 節は同格の that です。
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(1)①This → There

** There is little doubt (/chance/evidence/likelihoodなど) that ・・・ …

(5) 意味としては、will fail to (breed)のことで、これは単に will not (breed)の強めに他ならない。 前出の動詞の省略。
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