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So イニディション to getting great critical reviews leopard has really a ビンウォロ see by a developers.
And wanna than thing spin announce today is a Microsoft is now shipping office Mac 2008.
They latest virgin broadcast and this is the last bigger to go native on intel.
So finally there all of the bigger ups now native on intel
thank you ドビー thank you Microsoft all the apple native on intel.
so pretty slow.
so in tiger we have バンチャー great new features you know.
And wanna than is time machine.
time machine is really great.
Because can automatically back up all your files.
And save them to hard disk as you know way time machine works to take you
next hard drive plug in you computer and everything else automatic. works great.
If about notebook though, you costly plug on and hard drive on plug in place.
where you forget brinnal hard drive you want get the back up.
you wished you need the wire, right, you wish is like this.
well, today introducing a companion product is time machine.
it's get do way what while for ever it's call time capsule.
and what is this, it's really cleaver. it's a back up appliance.
and what has it use airport extreme base station.
for airport extreme base station and hard drive so it's got 802.11n
wireless networking most advanced wifi network available.
and it's got a super great hard drive in.
so very available. these to things together make up time capsule.
and you can see four airport extreme base station.
all the port on back really nice.
you can back up your notebook wirelessly to time capsule.
as manufactural you can back up all of the macs in your house.
what a they be notebooks or desktops wirelessly to one time capsule.
just lithely plug in turn it on and nabele time capsule on time machine all you macs that on your half to do.
it's really wonderful.
what gonna so time capsule in two versions, a 500gb drive inside it, and 1tb drive inside it.
500gb drive model is コノ class just 299 dollars.
and the 1tb model is コノ be just 499 dollars. is very eggless twice,
because we want people backing up content and time capsule
gonna shipping february it's the perfect companion product time machine.
we gonna a running time machine hope you see hard drive but heaven.
I love twenty four now.


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>ドビー=Dobie は人名なんでしょうか?

>また app、apps はapplication=アプリケーションの略と考えれば良いでしょうか。
まさしくそのとおりです。app が単数、apps が複数を意味します。

We gonna sell Time Capsule --> We're gonna ...
これは未来形で is going to の省略形。
We got ad running... --> We've got ...
have got = have という意味で、現在形です。
airport extreme base station は Apple が名づけた製品名のようなもので正式には
AirPort Extreme Base Station と大文字を交えるようです。
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お礼日時:2008/03/18 23:33


Welcome to Macworld 2008. We've got some.. some great stuff for you. There's clearly something in the air today. But before we dived in all of that I just wanted to take a moment and look back to 2007. 2007 was an extraodinary year for Apple, summing incredible new products, the amazing new iMac, the awesome new iPods, and of course the revolutionary iPhone. On top of that, Leopard, and all of the other great software we ship in 2007. It was an extraodinary year for Apple and I want to just take a moment and say "Thank you."
We have tremendous support by all of our customers and we reall really appreciate, so thank you for an extraodinary 2007.

I've got four things I'd like to talk about with you today. So let's get started. The first one is Leopard. I'm thrilled to report that we have delivered over 5 million copies of Leopard in the first 90 days. Unbelievable. It is the most successful release of Mac OS X ever. And what this is resulted in is almost 20% of the Mac OS X installed base is now upgraded to Leopard. This is unprecedented in the first 90 days for both us and of course the industry. So we're really really thrilled by this.

And the press's been very kind to it. It's been a critical success as well as a commercial success.
"In my view, Leopard is better and faster than Vista." Walt Massberg, a man of few words.
"Leopard is powerful, polished and carefully conceived." David Pogue, The New York Times.
"With Leopard, Apple's operating system widens its lead aesthetically and technologically." Ed Baig, USA Today.
"...it's by far the best operating system ever written for the vast majority of consumers." right, Ed Mendelson, PC Magazine.

So, in addition to getting great critical reviews, Leopard has really been well recieved by our developers. And one of the things has been... announce... announced today is Microsoft is now shipping Office mac 2008. Their latest version of office. This is... this is the last big app to go native on Intel. So finally there, all of the big apps now are native on Intel. Thank you, Dobie, Thank you, Microsoft.. All the apps are native on Intel so we're pretty thrilled.

So in Tiger, we have.. we have a bunch of great new features as you know. And one of them is Time Machine. Time Machine is really great because it can automatically back up all your files and save them to a hard disc. As you know, the way Time Machine works as you take an external hard drive and plug it into your computer and everything else is automatic. It works great. If you have a note book though, you constantly plug it in that hard drive and unplug it yet then. In places where you forgot to bring that hard drive and you want to get a backup, you wish you didn't need that wire, right? You wish it was like this.

Well, today we're introducing a companion product to Time Machine. It's gonna do way without that wire forever. It's called Time Capsule. And what it is... It's really clever. It's a backup appliance. And what it has in it is an airport extreme base station. Full airport extreme base station and a hard drive. So it's got 802.11 and wireless networking, the most advanced Wi-Fi networking available. And it's got a server grade hard drive in it. So it's very reliable. So these two things together make up Time Capsule. And as you can see, it's a full airport extreme base station with all the ports in the back... really nice. So you can back up your notebook wirelessly to Time Capsule. As a matter of fact, you can back up all the macs in your house, whether they be note books or desktops, wirelessly to one Time Capsule. Just literary plug it in, turn it on, and enable Time Capsule, and Time Machine and all your Macs, and that's all you have to do. It's really wonderful.

We gonna sell Time Capsule in two versions. A five hundred mega... one of the five hundred megabyte drives.. gigabytes sorry... 500 gigabyte drive inside it and one with the terabyte drive inside it. The five hundred gigabyte drive model; it's gonna cost just $299. And the terabyte model; it's gonna be just four hundred and ninty-nine dollars. These are very aggressive prices because we want people backing up their contents. And Time Capsule's gonna ship in February. It's the perfect companion product to Time Machine. We got an ad running on Time Machine. I hope you've seen it, but if you haven't, I'd love to run it for you now.
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ドビー=Dobie は人名なんでしょうか?
また app、apps はapplication=アプリケーションの略と

お礼日時:2008/03/17 22:43