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I was relieved to be safe.
It seems that they are withdrawing from Kharkiv, and they are aiming for Odesa along the bay.
Putin has cancer and is shocked by his short age and his mistress having his fifth child.He seems to be aiming for Finland as well              However, it seems that Sweden and Britain will protect Finland.There is refugee support from the Japanese government.
Certainly, there is a need for a limited person who is a relative to Japan, who protects his life and guarantees all his life. In addition, if there is no specific illness, the departure of Ukraine between the ages of 18 and 60 is prohibited by President Zelensky.
If you go to Japan, you need to take a government plane.
First of all, I have to go to Poland.
The number of people who came to Japan is really very small, about 20 people.
An adult man is a diabetic and has relied on an elderly couple who was a teacher at a Japanese language school.
He can't get a guarantee right away
Until you get the approval, you have to stay at your own risk with your own money or property, and you have to work because you cannot stay for a long time with a stay visa. You can find a job.
Japan is about to have an unusually hot summer.
It takes a considerable amount of examination to become a guarantor.
However, as for information, if Russia needs assistance, it will be abducted to the Far East and remote areas, so be careful. I think Kharkov's army did well.
The Azovstal Ironworks has become the most difficult battlefield. In Mariupol, if you get caught in a kidnapping, Donetsk and Lugansk will have elections in the near future, and now Russians can come and go freely. If you absolutely want to evacuate, you shouldn't go south.


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