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Children's Hospital Eastern Ontario Pain Scale : CHEOPS *. カナダの心理学者と 麻酔科医のチームが小児の術後痛の評価のために考案したスケール。

CHEOPS この読み方がわかりません。 調べてみたのですがわからなくて困っています。どなたか教えてください。お願いいたします。

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Children's Hospital Eastern Ontario Pain Scale : CHEOPS

For example、
How do they pronounce the word "NATO"? とin put & 検索、
then、the next appears
Many men pronounce it in 【many】 pronunciations.

According to this way、
[ Search for a word ](単語を検索)、input a word CHEOPS .

▶→press 、
or Cheops click
Three pronunciatins have announced.
CHEOPS [ kee-ops] or 【'ki:ɒps】 、and otherwise I guess it OK [keɒps].
And a....

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Thank you for your teaching. It was easy to understand because it was able to hear the sound actually.
It also shows how to find, and became a reference for the future.
I was in trouble very, Thank you for your help. Tomorrow, I will make a trial lesson in teaching practice. Thank you very much.

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