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Meteor was born in the middle of winter, just in time for Christmas.
Exactly eight years after the day Meteo was born, the New City was hit by a great flood, and Meteo's family died in that flood. So it may be past time to say that Meteo is still alive. Meteo did not die in the dream, but how will Meteo live in the dream in the future? This is why Meteo walked because he needed to think about this. Meteo walked through the new city, lived in a house that had been built before he knew it, read the newspaper that had been delivered before he knew it, and walked again before he knew it, that dawn blue hour, he knows. He had a brother three years older than him and a brother three years younger than him as well. Meteor had not seen his brother or his brother since the day of the flood. Walking, walking. It was Meteor's birthday. In other words, the holy night had come again. The new city was very quiet. How to describe this silence? Meteo did not know. Was it the absence of anything? Meteo walked through the complicated back alleys of the new town and spotted a dog. Upon seeing Meteor, the dog went away. Maybe the dog was afraid to look at people because it had not seen people in a long time. Meteo did not chase after the dog and waited for the holy night to pass. Maybe this was the end of his birthday by now. Meteo stripped off one by one the ornaments of the Christmas tree decorated in a department store called Rafalina Department Store and let them fall down. Meteo did not know why he was doing this. It was because it had been a long time since Meteor had seen a Christmas tree. The Rafalina department store was a large department store with 13 floors, so all the decorations could not be taken down that day. The holy night was about to come to an end. Although underage drinking is not allowed in his country, Meteo drank some very expensive white wine from the Rafalina department store and got drunk. By the time he came to, morning had already begun. In the morning, Meteo felt that people had already forgotten that yesterday had been a holy night. Brief pleasure is not the right word. Everyone wanted to forget that it was Christmas. Meteor is alive. And it will die. Yes, Meteo died on the day of the Flood, and his thought was that the moment he finished dreaming that dream, Meteo was alive, because he was also ending it at the same time.

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