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マッチングアプリで相手を言い負かしている時のやつです。 色々揉めちゃって…

I don't think you got much of the intent of my question.

What were you looking for when you first messaged me in the first place?

Did you want to play with me, or just hang out or dinner with me?

>Meeting I’d the only way to see if you have chemistry.
What kind of chemistry?

Even if you don't bother to meet the person, you can see if the chemistry is right he is by looking at his posts, right?

It seems to me that I simply wasn't your type in the way I looked....I think.

I went out of my way to drink lots of water, left work early, and took over an hour to your place for you....

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I don't think you understood the true intention behind my question.

What were you seeking when you first messaged me?

Did you want to engage in a playful conversation or simply hang out and have dinner together?

You mentioned that meeting in person is the only way to determine if there is chemistry. What kind of chemistry are you referring to?

Even if you choose not to meet someone, you can get a sense of their compatibility by observing their posts, can't you?

It appears to me that I may not have been your physical type... I believe that's the case.

I made an effort to stay hydrated, left work early, and traveled over an hour to see you...
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